Did you know?

What is the difference between these colour combinations? What do we need to know?

Imagine Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black as inks:  



and Red, Green and Blue as lighs:


The basic difference: when you mix the CMYK inks, the result would be a rich black; when you mix the RGB lights, the result will be bright white. Simple as that.


Offset printing uses CMYK inks. The computer monitor uses RGB lights. Now if you think about it: of course the images are much brighter when consistent of lights! But the printing industry cannot do that; one cannot print the light.

Here at nPack it is our basic principle to make the clients aware that offset print will be different from what they see on their RGB screen preview.

We ask for images converted to CMYK by the client to avoid any possible unexpected result.

Look at the difference!

It is strongly recommended that our clients make a printout by their end if the artwork colours are of great importance!

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