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You’ve chosen to print the inside and base card of your luxury bag in a nice, solid colour. It’s classy, and it’s beautiful. It might also be a trap, though.

Did you know that laminated paper bags are usually made using one side coated paperboard?

GC1 Paperboard specifics:

  •  Its coated side is on the outside of the bag: this surface is whiter and smoother because it's varnished. The smoother the surface, the better the print quality.
  • The backside of GC1 paperboard, as its name suggests, is uncoated, i.e. unvarnished. It is porous and absorbent. When printed in solid colour, especially when printed twice (which we do, for better coverage), it is highly saturated with ink.


Any product that is put inside the bag, before the ink is totally dry, will be stained. Unfortunately, drying takes several working days, and the bags are, usually, needed urgently.

What do we do?

  • Suggestion 1:

Lamination on the inside and bottom to fully cover the printed surface. The inside could be glossy or matte, depending on choice of laminate. One additional day for production only, and the solution comes at minimum costs compared to ruined merchandize.

  • Suggestion 2:

Varnishing of printed sheets is carried out to provide protection. Varnishes almost achieve the goals of lamination but with wet inks the risk of the porous surface remains. Varnishes are an acceptable option if the merchandize is of dark colour or unabsorbent surface.

The choice of solution depends on what you look after: the decision is yours!


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