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Here at nPack we truly love the harmony between dyed structured papers, especially our favourite ensemble: special paper from the smooth range complemented with contrasting embossed thermo-reactive paper.

Our site's registered users have the priviledge to be able to order one of our Sample sets which showcase this amazing combination. 

Thermo-Reactive Covering Materials are special papers with unique properties.

When heat and pressure is applied during blind hot stamping process, the burnished paper base shades into a darker nuance.

Astounding effects that enhance the natural image can be achieved, adding depth and originality to personalization not found elsewhere. The colour shifting effect can be conbined with foil-stamping of neighbouring objects to achieve an exquisite effect.

Below is an image of Presentation boxes produced by nPack, all covered with NAPURA® CANVAS  in different shades* - our favourite thermo-reactive paper from WINTER&COMPANY.


* These decorative covering materials are colour reactant because of their thermo-reactive surface. Very slight colour variations in production lots may occur and lay within the nature of the product.

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