Position: Structural Design

Dora Taneva nPack

Dora graduated from the University of Economics in Varna in 2005, majoring in International Economic Relations. The Artwork department was the place which in 2010 became the starting point of her work with nPack. Her presence in this department until the beginning of 2014 was essential. With her unending search for novelty she contributed to the team by introducing new prepress techniques, a new approach to the development process, and systematization of accumulated knowledge within the company. The dynamics of the packaging industry challenged her to take part in the research and development of the boxes production line at nPack. Her diligence and perseverance, and her systematic work on structural design gave their results. Since the end of 2014 luxury folding cartons are a part of our product range, and from the beginning of 2015, paper over board boxes too.

The development of a functional Business Management System, which is now an inseparable part of the company’s workflow, and its upcoming integration within a Customer Management System, is among nPack’s priorities which Dora has successfully researched since 2013. Her passion to seek, find, analyze and apply new knowledge in practice unfolds her potential and makes her an integral part of the company progress.