Position: Production Manager

Gabriela Lazarova nPack

Gabriela graduated from the Technical University of Varna in 1988 with a degree in Marine Machines and Mechanisms Engineering. She joined our team in 2000, and at the time paper bag handcrafting became her full time occupation. Since 2004 she occupies the position of nPack’s Production Manager, a natural consequence of her profound knowledge of production techniques for each packaging product, her typical precision-which is crucial in our business-and her ability to plan and organize. Through the years, she has embraced the company strategy of diversification and accepts the challenges to production optimization within the evolution of our product range. She supervises the workflow, controls incoming materials supply and outgoing product quality, and seeks improvement on a daily basis.

She does not communicate directly with customers, but interacts with them  by answering all questions to our Sales team, especially those concerning production specifics, time schedules, tests of innovative designs, materials, etc.

She is in direct contact with each of the employees, often the moderator and the initiator of open discussions referring production topics. She believes in the freedom of voice, and defends it wholeheartedly. Her experience, her qualities and her philosophy prove she’s a particularly valuable member of our team.