Position: CEO

Nadia Minkova - Owner

Nadia graduated from the University of Economics in Varna in 1998, majoring in Construction Business and Entrepreneurship. Nadia is the founder, owner and General Manager of nPack. In 1994, she started her small business of handmade paper bags production for the local market, which, during the years, and under her expert management, evolved into a successful enterprise with worldwide sales. Her personal involvement with each stage of the production process, her dedication to high quality and perfection, her unique, humane attitude toward each of the employees, are key factors for the company growth and prosperity. Nadia is in constant pursuit of innovation - she is keen on incorporating the packaging busniness best practices into nPack’s production lines, and passionate about nPack’s own prosperous inventions. Each team member is encouraged to contribute to the expansion in product diversity, and their efforts are properly rewarded. In the 22 years of ownership, gaining the most thorough knowledge of the business specifics, Nadia has proven to be a leader who provides support and mentorship, but also autonomy and trust which allow the employees to grow along with the company.

Another aspect of her consistent philosophy is the loyalty in each Partnership. Recently, her Partnership development strategy results in the introduction of a web-based, user-friendly Customer Management System, which will soon allow our Partners to track their Orders and gain access to nPack’s structural design database.