First and foremost, we are commited to excellence in production. We love to keep our clients always happy, and we're not afraid to stick to our quality criteria. What makes our packaging products undeniably luxurious is the creative precision at every stage of Our Process.

Within the evolution of our business we develop new ideas, new approach, new techniques. We work in a challenging, dynamic environment; our Partners and their ever changing demands play a significant role in the definition of our future goals.

The principle of loyalty—in each Partnership, as well as within the company—is what we strictly observe. Complementing our devotion to highest quality service comes the acknowledgement of active communication, resulting in the growing trust by our Partners. Long-term business relationships are our priority.


Back in 1994, Nadia Minkova was a student at the Univeristy of Economics, in search of a challenge. Aged 21, and totally inexperienced but highly motivated, she started practicing with a plain paper sheet—with the idea of becoming a pro at paper bag handcrafting. She did well; she managed to sell her product to local shops and launched a family business as a sole proprietor named Nadia-S.T.

Its successor, NPack Ltd., was founded later—in 2006—and is today an established Eastern European manufacturer of custom-made paper bags and boxes, backed up by an expert team and based in a modern own facility.


In 1994 we started as a manufacturer of printed paper bags on the domestic market. With time, we kept improving and developing our products in terms of materials, hand crafting and special processes, until we perfected the luxury look we were aiming at.


In 2006, NPACK Ltd. came up—already as a manufacturer of contracted custom printed promotional paper bags throughout Western Europe. We went on with sustained investing in special processing machines and custom training of employees.


In 2010 we moved to our own facility, designed to meet the requirements of safe and friendly working environment and built in compliance with our specific production needs. This resulted in increased capacity and a larger variety of finishing options.


For some time already we are equipped and have started the manufacturing of a new line of products—our deluxe folding boxes and rigid boxes. These come in a wide variety of assembly styles and sizes, and can also be completed with various inserts.