Each of nPack’s team members who collaborate with customers and work with them daily, have begun their career at the company’s Artwork Department. It’s where nPack’s employees are engaged in a detailed introduction to the specifics of proofing and prepress where luxury packaging design is concerned, and in a thorough study of types of papers and paperboards applicable for packaging production. Their experience is complemented by general knowledge of handcrafting techniques for each product, as well as finishes and extras’ behaviour and their impact over different materials.

The knowledge gained at the Artwork department is mandatory for the team member to be able to offer the best professional advice to customers at a later stage. Experienced team members have the chance to advance to a different level - e.g. sales, or structural design. Being able to advise on the best combinations of paper, prints, finishes and construction styles, having in mind the production specifics of each item, and offering a product that complies with the client’s requirements, is an extremely important part of the packaging company service. Dedication and professionalism on a highest level are important and even considered crucial within nPack’s philosophy.