Position: Sales Executive

Rossi Angelova - Sales

Rossi graduated from the University of Economics in Varna in 2007, majoring in Management. She joined nPack back in 2006. Artwork department was the place where she began her advance in the company. For her first four years at nPack, as a part of the Artwork team, she had the opportunity to study in precise detail the specifics of prepress, to get acquainted with the production techniques and to understand the process of developing a luxury package.

Her passion is to seek the best solution for the customer. The thorough knowledge of the luxury packaging production process, combined with profound Artwork skills, grant her the significant advantage to become our Sales Executive. She occupies this position since 2011.

Her experience in nPack, the knowledge acquired during her educational course in Management, and the desire to give the team her maximum, unfold her potential to organize the documentary handling processes in the company. Along with the competence to collect, organize and analyze information in the Sales Department, her capability to be always efficient and precise in her relations with customers, make her an extremely valuable member of the team.