• Bag With Magnetic Flap

    One of nPack's bestsellers in creative packaging design, the Magnetic Flap bag is remarkable with its potential in brand enhancement.

    The combination of two materials, one for the bag's body and one for the magnetic flap, provides the sophisticated look of a luxury product. While the choice among structured papers is practically endless, and all types of extras and finishes are applicable, the uniqueness of your bespoke packaging is guaranteed.

    The bag shape and size, as well as the flap's outline, may differ according to the brand visibility requirements. To add to the luxurious feel of the design a hidden magnet fixes the flap in place with a delicate click.

  • Bags With Flaps With Glued Ribbons

    The Neat and Upscale luxurious bags are the type of bespoke packaging which uses the elegant means of closure of one or two glued ribbons.

    Possible custom tailored sizes and flap shapes, along with a wide range of colours and styles of ribbons and ropes, allow diversity and premium personalization.


  • Bags With Flaps With Threaded Ribbons

    Both Chic and Trendy styles are favourites in luxury gift bag design. Exclusively stylish and very popular, these two styles offer a great variety of flap shapes, exchange of ribbons and multiple use

    These bespoke packaging solutions excel in brand enhancement feasibility and have a wide range of application.

  • Bags With Self Locking Flaps

    Bags With Self Locking Flaps are economical and have the fastest turnaround times among all paper bags with flaps.

    Die-cut handles are optional for all the flap shapes and locking styles.

    All types of finishes and customization are applicable.

  • Bags With Sealable Flaps

    Of the two options of bags with sealable flaps, the Velcro dot version is reusable while the Glue tape flap is applicable when you need to make sure the bag is opened only once.

    Both styles are economical and have fast turnaround times while remainig luxury products and a great packaging solution.

    Die-cut handles are optional for all the flap shapes and closure styles.