• Paper Bag Custom Cut

    A custom cut luxury packaging is a tailored packaging which meets exclusive demands and preferences.

    Special shaped bag constructions are created on demand, according to the specifics of a product, campaign, branding, etc. Out team will promptly help you decide on the most appropriate and unique creative shape and style to suit your product.

  • Triangular Paper Bag

    Triangular Paper Bags are a typical example of inexpensive and yet creative packaging. The triangle shaped special bag can carry oddly shaped items as well as bottles, flower pots, etc.

  • Triangular purse paper bag

    The triangular paper purse is an inspirational packaging design which offers creative brand enhancement at a reasonable price.

    Additional extras are optional, including the hidden Velcro dot closure and elegant central ribbon closure.

  • Paper Box Bag

    The Paper Box Bag is an excellent packaging solution combining the all features of a luxury paper bag with the capacity of a box.

  • Trapeze luxury paper bag

    Trapezoid Paper Bags are a custom design solution answering the advanced search of tailored packaging. The refined shape enhances the brand communication at a little to none additional cost.